Stadolas IGA - Rude cashiers.

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I had walked into the Stadolas to buy a few groceries.When I arrived at the checkout line, the clerk there was an older woman and she gave attention to my presence.

For a moment she stared at the ground then she continued to turn around a speak with a co worker about what duties she had just completed. After about 20 seconds, she turned around, began the transaction then completed it, without a word. Not even a "would you like your reciept?".

Every time since every single clerk I've had has carried a similar attitude.I've also noticed that I am not the only person in the store that has been treated this way.

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My goodness!you had to wait 20 seconds before the checkout process began.

I bet you house burned down in that amount of time. Grow Up! You said the older clerk gave attention to your presence, so how do your feel you were slighted. What difference does it make if you are greeted when you go into a store or to the checkout counter and what difference does it make if anything is said other than the total amount owed?

Did you get the receipt or did she throw it away? Most clerks automatically give people the receipt.

Being you don't like the employees in that store, go to a different store.That would be the best solution for you.

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